August 13, 2012

Top Cancer Threats in Singapore with Tips on Prevention & Screening

Top Cancer Threats in Singapore with Tips on Prevention and Screening — a Corporate Talk to Hewlett-Packard Employees

Cancer is the top cause of death for adults aged 15-59 years in Singapore, according to statistics published in 2009 by the Ministry of Health. It accounts for 37% of all deaths in this economically viable group, where individuals are either in their prime of lives, or starting to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. On the same period, cancer is also the 2nd top most reason for hospitalisation in Singapore, being only superseded by accidents and trauma. This accounts for time lost from work and family, and possible major financial burden.

Cancer in the gastrointestinal and digestive tract, including stomach cancer and colon cancer, are consistently in the top 10 most frequent cancers in the population. Stomach cancer and colon cancer, in their early stages, are readily amenable to treatment and cure. However, these cancers need to be diagnosed early, often even before symptoms arise. Therein lies the basis of screening, to detect any possible pre-cancerous problems, in order to prevent the actual onset of cancer.

Of all the screening tests available in the screening of stomach and colon cancer, endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) is probably the most accurate, allowing the diagnosis and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions and early cancer.

Above all, in the prevention of cancer, lifestyle changes are suggested. These include the cessation of smoking, having a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise.

This is the summary of a cancer talk given by our Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon Dr Foo Chek Siang, upon invitation to employees of Hewlett-Packard in the afternoon of 13th August 2012.

The Clinic for Digestive Surgery offers screening of gastrointestinal cancer. Individuals who are at risk are brought through the various options available, after a throughout risk assessment and physical examination. Endoscopy packages (gastroscopy and/or colonoscopy) are also available. These endoscopy packages are available as Day Surgery procedures, and are Medisave-claimable. Full coverage is also often possible through adequate MediShield plans.

Dr. Foo Chek Siang is an experienced endoscopist, having vast experience in both diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy and colonoscopy. He has also previously served as the Surgical Director in the Endoscopy Centre of Changi General Hospital, overseeing the training and accreditation of Endoscopists.

For questions about stomach cancer and colon cancer, and on our Endoscopy packages, contact Clinic for Digestive Surgery at +65 6570 2702 to speak to SSN Karen, our Clinic Nurse. Alternatively, you could drop us an email at

Dr. Foo talks about the top cancer threats in Singapore
Dr. Foo talks about the role of gastroscopy and colonoscopy in the prevention and screening of stomach cancer and colon cancer

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