January 26, 2013

Bariatric Surgery: Surgical Options for Weight Loss – ACE Life Insurance presentation in Surabaya, Indonesia

(CDS) 26th January 2013

Bariatrics and weight-loss surgery talk

The region of South-East Asia has been prospering economically rapidly over the past decade, quickly catching up with Western economies. Unfortunately, often accompanying economic prosperity is unhealthy practices that increase the prevalence of obesity. These practices include injudicious caloric intake with a lack of physical activity. Obesity leads to other metabolic ailments such as diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, hypertension and gout. With increased weight, obstructive sleep apnoea, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and cancer rates are also higher.

These are points shared by Dr Foo Chek Siang, in a talk given to members of ACE Life Insurance, held in Surabaya, Indonesia on 26th January 2013, as part of a regional campaign against obesity and to promote awareness of the availability of bariatrics and weight-loss surgery.

Singapore obesity - bariatrics and weight-loss surgery
Malaysia obesity - bariatrics and weight-loss surgery
Indonesia obesity - bariatrics and weight-loss surgery

While the prevalence of obesity has been increasing in the World (Globesity), and the USA being still the world-leaders in obesity, South-East Asian countries have not been spared. In Singapore, the prevalence of obesity has steadily increased from 5.5% in 1992 to 10.8% in 2010. In a study conducted on 16,127 Malaysians, the prevalence was estimated to be 12.6% in 2007. Indonesia has not been spared either, being an estimated 10.3% overall, and particularly higher in metropolitan cities like Jakarta registering 15.0%.

In the presentation, the audience was explained the various bariatric options available to help reduce weight – the gastric band (Lap band), sleeve gastectomy and gastric bypass. Testimonies of patients were also shared, illustrating how bariatrics and weight-loss surgery can positively impact the lives of the obese.

In the Q&A session that ensued, there were questions on how bariatric and weight-loss operations can help those with diabetes, and how these procedures compared with medication. Dr Foo explained that there is good evidence that in diabetic patients who are also obese, bariatric and weight-loss surgery can lead to reversal and even remission (complete resolution) of diabetes. These claims are supported by studies like the STAMPEDE trial, which measure bariatric surgery versus best medical care in diabetics.

To find out more on how you can benefit from bariatrics and weight-loss surgery, contact Clinic for Digestive Surgery at +65 6570 2702 to speak to our SSN Karen, our Clinic Nurse. Alternatively, you could drop us an email at doctor@clinicfordigestivesurgery.com, or fill up the enquiry form at http://clinicfordigestivesurgery.com/contact and we will attend to your needs at the soonest opportunity.

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