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GIST surgery

GIST Surgery

Laparoscopic resection of GIST (Gastrointestinal stromal tumours) Is laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery possible in all cases of GIST?

Laparoscopic surgery is the choice for GIST resections whenever possible as it gives a faster recovery. In larger GIST tumours, we would recommend a course of pre-surgery treatment to shrink the tumour.
In cases where pre-surgery treatment is not possible or where the tumour remains large, open surgery is still necessary.

How much stomach is removed during the operation?

In most cases, a wedge resection of the stomach is all that is required. This involves taking just a small section of the stomach together with the GIST. However, if the GIST is located close to the entrance or exit of the stomach, surgical removal might need to involve these critical areas too. What ensues will be a reconstruction of the entrance or exit of the stomach to re-establish continuity of the digestive tract.

Will I still be able to eat and have a normal digestion after the operation?

Yes. The aim of the operation is to achieve complete reaction of the GIST and re-establish continuity of the digestive tract.

How long is recovery after the operation?

Most patients stay for 3 to 4 days for the operation. However, the stay will be longer should reconstruction be required.
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