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Stenting and dilatation

Stenting and dilatation

When is dilation and stenting performed?

Dilatation and stenting is performed to re-establish continuity of the gastrointestinal tract which has been blocked for various reasons. These reasons can include tumour blockage, post-operative strictures or external compression.
Dilatation and / or stenting can be performed in both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts and are normally accomplished with the help of gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

The most common scenario in which we perform this is for advanced oesophageal cancer where the tumour has blocked the passage of the food pipe. Dilatation and stenting offers the patient an opportunity to drink and swallow again.

Are there any other options?

In the case of an obstructing oesophageal cancer, NG tube or PEG tube placements are occasionally considered as a means to deliver milk feeds. However, these do not offer the same eating quality that a successful dilatation and stenting can bring.
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