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Is surgery the only option for lumps and bumps?

Not all lumps and bumps need treatment or surgical removal. Medical treatment with oral medications or creams can help. Surgery is reserved for lumps and bumps that are troublesome, worrisome or not responding to medical treatment.

What are the possible complications after surgery for lumps and bumps?

Depending on the state of the lump or bump, closure of the skin might not be always possible. This might mean that the wound might be left open for natural healing. This normally happens only when the lump is already infected. While natural healing can take a long time, there are also other options available in the form of special dressings and vacuum-assisted closure devices that can hasten closure.
When the wound is closed, there can be a chance of wound infection. Mild wound infections can be treated with antibiotics, while others might need an opening of the wound that will then lead to delayed healing.
In cases where the lump is large, there can also be a possibility of a fluid collection beneath the skin. This happens as it is the body’s natural reaction of dealing with an empty space that was previously occupied by the lump or bump. On occasion, the fluid from the seroma can leak out through the skin wound.
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